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Sunday, February 4, 2007, 05:32 PM
Bumbershoot Ė A late recap

I used to collect those mini albums with bubble gum in them. Which I suppose is neither here nor there but I had one of Blondie's Parallel Lines and gum never tasted so good as it did while admiring that album cover and listening to any Blondie song. Live, they have wonderful energy and sound fantastic. My favorite moment: when they first came out with Call Me. This was my first time seeing Blondie, and I do absolutely recommend them.

I also caught the Rishi Rich Project, a group of acts brought together by producer Rishpal Singh Rekhi (aka Rishi) that included Jay Sean, Juggy D and Veronica Mehta. All were in excellent form - it was fantastic to see these artists. They are all top acts Ė each one could have easily put on a show alone. Veronica has this amazing voice that just should move any one. Girls in the audience went crazy, screaming for Juggy D and Jay Sean. It was a great moment to share.

However, my focus of Bumbershoot was to catch Seattle bands. Specifically I was on the lookout for Romance, Thee Emergency and Daylight Basement. Each of these bands played at the EMP Skychurch, a beautiful venue I wish was used more often for concerts.

First was Daylight Basement, led by Bre Loughlin. They have smooth, instantly likeable and tasty songs with - and this is not a dirty word at all - pop appeal. They are also a fun and beautiful band to watch. Whatever form Loughlinís work takes next I will be sure to check it out. Daylight Basement will be on hiatus until 2007, which is coming up fast, and with this band Loughlin has created magic.

The following day was Romance, a band both lyrical and brooding. The entire band has a striking presence and though they created an ambience with their show that could be insular,
they somehow managed to pull me in. I think itís their hypnotic quality that does it. I admire this band not only for their talent but for their stylistic clarity.

Thee Emergency was the last band I set out to cover. I believe they could play anywhere and convert fans. They sent shivers up and down my spine and they play blues as wonderfully as they do rock. Their stage presence is truly staggering and itís hard to come by sexier music and a sexier band.

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