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She Wants Revenge is really sexy stuff. Their songs are curious tableaus about pain, love, lust and how it all interacts or not. Some of my favorites are Black Liner Run, Tear You Apart, and What I Want. Made up of a duo, Justin Warfield and Adam Bravin, She Wants Revenge has released 2 cds and 3 eps. They've now produced their newest ep, Save Your Soul on their own label. Bravin, a charming talent, talked with me from Minneapolis a few days ahead of their Seattle show.

Q: I've never DJed what's it like?

AB: Well, it's changed. I've been doing it a really long time. Back in the day you really had to be a good DJ to be able to spin at clubs and parties. Now it seems like you can be a celebrity and not know how to DJ and still DJ all the parties. As an experience, DJing for a crowd that's there to actually hear music and dance and they appreciate the types of selections that you're giving them it can be really amazing. It's kind of like when you're performing in a band you kind of feed off the energy of the crowd and it's the same way with DJing. You get a room full of people that are really into what's going on it can be a really beautiful thing.

Q: What's one of the weirder things that's happened to you while DJing?

AB: One time I was DJing with a friend of mine who was Prince's DJ at the time funny that we're in Minneapolis and we're talking about Prince. I went with him to DJ this little thing he was doing and he took a break and he actually fell asleep. It was at Glam Slam, a club that Prince used to own in LA. While I was DJing, Prince showed up. He was basically the only one in the room and he started dancing. I was playing all this rare late 60s early 70s funk stuff that I knew he was into. My buddy woke up and saw what was happening and kicked me off the turntables and played some kind of Prince-related song. Prince came over and said, "You're fired, you're hired." I DJed for him for awhile. I DJed at Glam Slam for a couple of years and opened up for some of his shows. He goes through DJs every couple of years. I just got lucky.

Q: He seems like a nice person. I have nothing really to base this impression on.

He is. He's very eclectic. He's a genius so there's nothing much else you can say than that.

Q: What kinds of jobs did you have, like when you were a teenager?

AB: When I was a teenager I worked at a frozen yogurt place.

Q: That sounds good. I love that.

AB: It was great. Me and my buddy used to have yogurt fights. I worked at Pier 1. They used to make me arrange the basket area all the time, which I dreaded. My boss had it in for me for some reason I guess it was because I never really wanted to work. I used to work at a restaurant in LA it was like a 50s dinner where you could kind of be a jerk to people and it was okay.

Q: That must have been fun.

AB: It was.

Q: You grew up in the San Fernando Valley what is it like there?

AB: Some of my favorite places to eat are still in the Valley so sometimes Justin and I will make a special trip to Henry's Tacos and get some of our favorite tacos. It's where the original Valley Boys and Valley Girls came from. We were in the middle of it when all of that was happening Justin and I have known each other since we were kids. It's like anywhere else it's definitely not Hollywood it's kind of suburbia.

Q: Why do you think British music was so popular there?

AB: There was so much good music coming out at that time. Especially dance music there wasn't a lot of that coming from the States. KROQ would play all the music that would come to inspire us as musicians and you didn't hear the same ten songs all day long. They'd play the Cure, New Order, Kraftwerk . . .

Q: Have you thought about doing soundtracks/scores for movies?

AB: Absolutely. I am going to do that actually we both are when we get home. Our manager is setting up some stuff for us to do. We're supposed to score a series that a friend of mine is hooking me up with. When I don't do the band stuff it's all pretty soundtrack-y, I guess you could say. I'm a huge fan of late 70s early 80s soundtracks. It's kind of one of the only things I listen to on the road. A lot of Giorgio Moroder Midnight Express, Cat People. Bladerunner [by Vangelis]. I listen to classical and pretty much strictly electronica soundtracks when we're on the bus. We're going to start producing music for other people and slowly work on our next record. We've both started writing screenplays and I think we're going to concentrate on that as well.

Q: On the tour how are the cds represented?

AB: We've been playing about five or six songs from the first record and about four or five from the second record and we've been playing two off the ep. We just started playing a third (song off the ep). It's a little bit of everything.

Q: I found something on IMDB about you being on show something called Love Monkey?

AB: Our friend, Nic Harcourt, who works at KCRW in LA was music supervisor for this show I don't even think it was a whole season. We happened to be in New York when they were shooting it and he asked us if we wanted to appear playing in a bar. So it's just us pretending to play in a bar.

Q: You seem to have a lot of hats. What's your favorite kind?

AB: I can always rock a fedora.

Q: Those are nice they're versatile. How many hats do you think you have?

AB: Maybe 40 or 50. I think most of them are fedoras.

Q: I came across a love advice column by you: Go ask Adam.

AB: I don't remember what I said. I wasn't enjoying it I think we were in Detroit, and I want to say we were in some kind of weird Mall looking for the food court when I got the call. I remember being really hungry. I don't think I gave the best advice on love due to the fact that I was starving probably starving for love as well as food. I remember I had to stop and ask the interviewer what I had just said.

Q: What do you like to read?

AB: I'm reading a book called Glamorama by Bret Easton Ellis.

Q: That's a creepy book I've read that.

AB: Yeah, he's one of my favorite writers.

Q: Have you read American Psycho?

AB: Of course, and Less Than Zero. I'm reading a book called White Noise by Don Delillo. I just started that. It was recommended to me by Justin, who has really good taste in books. And I just finished re-reading the Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein. I'm a huge fan of math and physics. It's kind of hard having any discussions on the road about physics. It never tends to go in that direction. If I can't talk about it I'll read it. It's interesting to dive into the mind of somebody who was such a forward thinker. The way that he describes things is easy enough for some people to understand that don't really get math or physics. His examples are always about a bridge, or someone walking, or a train. He's a smart cookie this Einstein guy. We have the same birthday.

Q: When is your birthday?

AB: December 30th.

Q: What about movies? What are some of your favorites?

AB: Bladerunner. I'm obsessed with that movie.

Q: Have you seen the anniversary dvd?

AB: Yeah, I got the super deluxe box set actually Justin gave it to me for my birthday. It's got like five different versions and it comes with these postcards and this little figurine. It comes in briefcase. When we made our second record I was so obsessed with that movie that there's a song on the record called Rachael, which is inspired by the lead, Sean Young. Then there's a little instrumental piece on the second record called All Those Moments which is inspired by the soundtrack. The title is actually a quote from the movie.

What else . . . I love Fellini. 8 is one of my favorites. Have you seen it?

Q: A long time ago. Is that the one with the fountain scene in it, where she's dancing?

AB: Yes. That's a good one.

Q: Italian movies are good.

AB: Especially the new wave, late 60s amazing stuff going on in that country as far as films were concerned.

On the bus, when I have time, I've been having an 80s fantasy movie mini-marathon in my bunk.

Q: So. . . Labyrinth?

AB: I watched Labyrinth, I watched Dark Crystal. . . I watched Dark Crystal all the time when I was little, and I hadn't watched it in years and I watched it and the little girl Gelfling in it . . . the reason I am attracted to a certain type of girl is because of the Gelfling in Dark Crystal. I was like, wait a minute, she's hot and she's a puppet. She kind of looks like all of my ex girlfriends.

I watched Legend. Tim Curry is amazing as the devil. Tom Cruise in a little teeny outfit awesome.

Q: Tom Cruise looks good in that movie.

AB: I'm always down to watch Time Bandits. But I can't watch it when Justin's around he doesn't like it. He just wasn't a Monty Python fan. I think you are either one or not.

Q: Are you still planning on producing a cd with all female singers?

AB: Absolutely. It's hard to do when everybody has their own schedules and they all live in different places and they're touring. That's going to be one of the first things that we put out on our label. I have most of them confirmed to do it - it's just a matter of having time.

Q: This will be part of the new label, Perfect Kiss?

AB: When we got our deal with Geffen we started an imprint called Perfect Kiss it just got slapped onto whatever we did. When we left Geffen we already had the name. We're actually going to do something with it now.

Q: How did you get Shirley Manson in your video for These Things?

AB: We had one day off in New York and we had spoken to Sophie Muller about directing a video for us. We kept asking her what are we going to do, what's your idea? She said, "I can tell you the treatment right now. All I really know at this point is that Shirley Manson is going to kidnap you." We were like, wait are you serious? She said, "I have this idea about Shirley kidnapping you and torturing you." She sent Shirley the song and asked her if she'd like to be in the video. I guess Shirley liked the song. They found this old theater and basically we kind of winged it. She invited this guy down, this friend of hers, who's kind of her accomplice in the video. She basically called him up and said I'm doing this video want to come kidnap these guys with me?

Q: It turned out great.

AB: It was like this is where she kidnaps you, this where she tortures you and this where she kicks you in the back for an hour. I got a nice stiletto in the lower back for about an hour while I played piano. A lot of people say that must have really hurt, and it did, but in a really amazing way. Shirley can kick me in the back with a heel anytime.

We may be working on something with her for her solo record. We were trying to hook up with her before we left for tour but she had a very busy schedule at the time. She really is one of the coolest people that we've met and she really acted like a music industry big sister. She's a really amazing woman.

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